Wednesday, December 31, 2008

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Cubs sign Aaron Miles!

The cubs have come to terms with IF/OF Aaron Miles on a 2y/4.9 million dollars. He'll most likely be platooning with Mike Fontenot , because Mark Derosa is most likely on his way out. Aron Miles hit, .317/.355/.398 in 408 plate appearances for the Cardinals in the 2008 campaign.

Cubs Trade Mark Derosa for Prospects!

Today the Chicago Cubs Traded Mark Derosa to the Cleveland Indians for 3 minor league players Jeff Stevens, Chris Archer, John Gaub. Who are all flame throwers. Jeff Stevens is definitely the closest the the major leagues, in fact he'll have an opportunity for that at spring training. Mark was a great guy in the club house and he'll definitely be missed.

Maybe the Cubs plan is to flip them for a Jake Peavy or Brian Roberts. Or as reported early, there trying to make room for Bradley and just for him. I don't think that's the case, because Jim Hendry said that they had about 10 or 11 million dollars this off season to upgrade(stated around the time of the winter meetings), and that's what i think the Cubs are using to pay for Bradley. But with the trades, there's more money off the books for a Peavy or some leadoff hitter that we so desperately need.

Tomorrow I'll have new updates, breaking news, and reactions to the signings/trades.

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